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    MLCO Trading Limited Ltd

    MLCO Trading Limited was incorporated in Jan 2020 to provide quality, reliable, durable and efficient branded products and services within the Mining and Industrial Industry in Zambia and The Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Vision Statement:

    ‘MLCO Trading Limited Ltd is placed to become the leading supplier within its field of Supply and Service. We aim to gain recognition over Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, as a provider of quality customer specific products that can be relied upon.’

    Corporate & Technical Attributes:

    • MLCO Trading Ltd provides a professional service, by making available to customers reliable, durable, competitively priced and efficient branded products.
    • MLCO Trading Ltd, only provides quality tested products which carry the International Standards Certification providing you with a peace of mind that the products have been tried and tested and approved for mining use.
    • MLCO Trading Ltd ensures value for its customers by creating strong relationships through providing of a consistently reliable service and remaining competitive within the market place.
    • MLCO Trading Ltd creates value for employees by providing a balanced reward structure, competitive remuneration, and sales commission recognition for value contribution, career progression opportunities and development. This ensures the realisation of each individual’s potential, in the best interest of the company and the individual employee.

    Contact Details

    • Plot It 800, New Industrial Area, Kitwe, Copperbelt 10101, Zm

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