Cable Grout And Capsule Cement

Capsule Cement

Our Capsule Cement is supplied as ready to use dry powder encapsulated in a water permeable skin
When required for use, the capsules are soaked in water which is absorbed through the skin
forming a thixotropic non-shrink grout.
The Capsules absorb the correct amount of water and can be used in rock temperatures up to 60degC
Capsule size: 25mm


  • Non-Shrink
  • Chloride Free
  • Thixotropic

Cable Anchor Grout

The cable anchor grout is produced in South Africa, in both medium set and fast set bags. Each bag is 10kg
Single component cementitious powder that is mixed with water and designed for the installation of mechanical long anchors in mining and construction


  • Pumpable up to 15m
  • No Shrinkage or bleed water
  • No grout run-out
  • Compressive Strength of 8MPa after 24 hours
  • Maximum Compressive Strength of 32MPa at 28 Days


Spec Sheet 1 Spec Sheet 2