Wire Mesh – Mining Mesh, Blast On Mesh And Wooven / Diamond Mesh

Gusset Weld Mine Screening (GWMS®) is produced to the highest mining quality standards to provide a cost effective method of rock support and strata control.
Gusset Weld Mine Screening (GWMS®) is providing a safer working environment for underground miners. With a weld shear force exceeding 10 kN, GWMS® can
withstand blasting at the face, continuing to reduce rock falls and enhance safety after such a blast. GWMS® is quick and easy to install, is not a fire hazard and is very durable with little, if any, maintenance required.

All mesh manufactured is produced according to strict quality standards to ensure the product meets industry safety requirements.
Stringent testing of the weld integrity is performed to maximise the strength of the final product and all sheets are flush-cut smooth to reduce any risk of injury to operators during handling.


  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Ability to provide many sizes
  • Cost Effective
  • Prevents smaller rock from falling and limits potential risk to person and equipment
  • Provides further consolidation of roof between bolt spacing
  • Axial Support on the Roof and Side Wall


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Additional information

Rigid Sheet - Standard Sizes

• 2.4m wide x 3.0m length • 2.4m wide x 3.5m length • 2.4m wide x 4,3m length • 2.4m wide x 6.0m length

Rigid Sheet - Wire Size:

• 4mm • 5.6mm

Rigid Sheet - Aperture:

• 100mm x 100mm • 75mm x 75mm

Diamond Wire Rolls - Standard Sizes

• 1.8m wide x 15m length • 2.0m wide x 15m length • 2.4m wide x 15m length

Diamond Wire Rolls- Wire Size:

• 4mm • 5.6mm

Diamond Wire Rolls - Aperture:

• 100mm x 100mm • 75mm x 75mm