Split Sets / Friction Anchor / Rock Bolt

We have been trading with UG Mining Split sets since 2009 in Zambia and the DRC.
The anchor consists of a open seamed high tensile steel tube and bearing plate washer using high memory, high yielding structural steel grades
One end is tapered for insertion into the pre-drilled hole.  The set uses friction to anchor along the whole length of the bolt, resisting shear
and providing radial force through compression of the tube.

Split Set Technology is used worldwide, providing the ability to develop and mine quickly and safely.


  • Fast and Easy Installation (Drill and Drive)
  • Reduced installation cost
  • Full across the length radial support
  • Ability to provide many variations, lengths, diameter and radial support (washer configurations)
  • Effective Support at any installed angle in rock mass
  • Axial and Radial Support
  • No requirement for torqueing or re-torqueing
  • No special equipment, installed safely by rig
  • Improved rock stability compared to other roof support options
  • Variety of finish, Black, Galvanised or Stainless Steel to Variety of finish, Black, Galvanised or 3CR 12 Stainless Steel


  • Split Set utility hangars (short stubbies to support and hang cables, ductwork, pipes, trolley lines)
  • Stubby Split Sets – For secondary installation of mesh, osro straps


Material Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet 2 Data Sheet 3 Spec Sheet 1


Additional information

Standard Diameters:

• 33mm • 39mm • 46mm

Standard Lengths:

• 0,6m • 0,9m • 1,2m • 1,8m • 2,4m • 3,0m

Material Options:

• S420 – High Memory Steel • 3CR12 – Stainless Steel High Memory