High Efficiency – Mine And Tunnel Ventilation Fans

MLCO are at the forefront of innovation in the design and manufacture of industrial fans, for a variety of applications for the mining, petrochemical, energy and steel industries.
Our OEM has developed proprietary software that allowed them to create patented and technologically advanced fans. Their high efficiency designs are able to outperform other products on the market while reducing CO2 emissions and achieving incredible power savings. The main focus in the development of our fans is making use of advanced materials and producing each fan as a tailored product suited perfectly to its end environment.


  • Fan Diameter from 400mm to 2100mm diameter
  • Fan Power 4kW to 1,000kW
  • Electrical Running Cost significantly reduced with same output and delivery (Upto 45% savings compared to other OEM’s)
  • LMTF – Warranty 24 months from Sale
  • Quick Start -Ability to run fans in series (dual stage) to increase pressure and delivery
  • Available in either 550V or 1000V motors

High Efficiency Mining Fan Accessories

  • Broadband Silencers
  • Conical Inlets, Self Closing Doors, Wall Adaptors
  • DOL Starters, Dual Stage Starters and VOD Panels (To optimise efficiency within the mine)
  • Modular Design, easy replacement of parts