Steel Ventilation Pipes, Silencers And Fitting

We provide and stock conventional steel ventilation pipes, and a new Enerduct. The Enerduct is a new concept of ducting design and manufacturing of steel ventilation pipes CFD simulation and analysis of air flow on the newly spiral-swage formed ventilation ducting were conducted by the CSIR institute to determine the flow characteristics in the Enerduct pipe. Results from the simulation research proved that the design of the spiral swage reduces friction pressure drop by between 8.80% and 13.04% at different flow rates compared to conventional steel ducting.


  • Robust Rigid for Long term Exhaust Application
  • Exhaust Application in Dusty Environments

Steel Ducting Accessories

  • VF Wrapping – 300mm x 50metres, self sealing tape for joints

Additional information

Standard Diameters:

• 760mm • 1015mm • 1220mm

Standard Lengths:

• 3m